New Year, New You?


As the holiday season is winding down, many people are getting excited about new years- particularly, new years eve.

It’s become this huge event- where most people (and I am generalizing here), are concerned about what party/event to attend, who will be there, and of course… what are you wearing? So the party happens, the night fades into dawn, and… it’s a new year.

I don’t have anything against anyone who chooses to go out and have “fun” (depending on your definition of fun), but soon after one reflects and what was the main purpose of that glam event? You’ll eventually come home, wash the heavy make up off, kick off your shoes, and wonder “why did I do *insert really awkward scenario from that night* or “why didn’t I do *insert something useful you would have rather done*

Soon after, you take your sheet of paper out of the drawer or pile of books that it’s been sitting under and look at the long list of things to do.

  • Go to the gym everyday
  • Eat clean
  • Travel

Again, I am generalizing, but you understand the main point (hopefully…)

As you look through this overwhelming list, you realize each of your resolutions will take an abundance of time and a procedural method to meet. This leaves you feeling intimidated, perhaps you pursue one or two things on your list, but soon after you’re filled with lethargy and that list gets lost in the chores and errands that you have to get done.

The point?

You don’t meet your resolutions.

The Solution

No, this isn’t meant to discourage you, but instead think about your actions.

Think about where you go, what you do, and who you spend your time with. This often reflects who you are and upon questioning these things, you may come to realize you do certain things “just because” with no particular reason, whilst you could be doing something you truly wish to be doing.

This was where I found myself when I realized a lot of things I indulged in, I did because of the people around me, not because I truly enjoyed it.

Everything is a learning experience-you learn and move on.

Question yourself, ask why, and do those things you want to get done.

The New Years Resolution Cliche… 

Just don’t join the bandwagon. Who says you have to wait until the new year to have resolutions and goals?

New year, fresh slate? Everyday is a new day that you’re blessed to see and blessed to start over on.

Make Things Happen

Think of your main goal- now break it down into categories and from categories into realistic sections and have a weekly plan, then break it down to a daily plan.

By doing this, you’ll know what you have planned everyday so you’ll get 2 things out of this:

1. Productivity

2. Less procrastination 

You don’t have to be part of the whole new year, new me stigma. You have the power to decide, decide what you want to do and what you don’t wish to do.

So, break out of it. Get things done sooner.

Some may anticipate the fireworks, as the ball drops and confetti pours from the sky…

I say, appreciate everyday- instead of caving into socially constructed rules, make your own and make things happen.


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