The Company You Keep


It has dawned on me,

The importance of the people you surround yourself with

When you’re young, you have a need to be around people and even if your personalities aren’t so compatible. I remember being in middle school and not so much caring about the type of people I spent my time with, but just the fact that I had people to hang out, eat lunch with and so forth was good enough.

Of course, as your grow older, situations unfold in various ways and forces you to open your eyes to what matters.

After these pre-teen years, you come to a point where you no longer care about the amount of people who’s around you. In fact, you’d rather spend time alone than to spend it with unproductive or even toxic company.

If you’re constantly spending your time with people who aren’t working hard to make things happen or make their lives better, then where do you stand?

We all go through different phases with different people, and it’s always a learning experience. But, if you want to get ahead, expand your horizons, and make those dreams of yours come true, you can’t be in the company of people who don’t feel the adrenaline rush as you do. The ones who don’t reevaluate themselves to perfect their characters (or at least try), take risks, and strive for what is important to them.

Other people have the power to constrain you, if you allow them.

They have the power to belittle your dreams and efforts, but it is up to you, if you will diminish those dreams of yours or build them stronger and better. 

Here’s where I was going with this, your company defines you.

Say what you will, but take some time to reflect on who you spend most of your time with, why you choose to, what you mostly talk about, and how you feel when you are with them.

Be honest with yourself, you owe yourself that much.


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