Reviving Confidence


Most people pride themselves on material things. For example, the degree of education you possess, the place you work, the amount of money you make, how attractive you are, and so forth. This isn’t to say these are unimportant topics, but we place so much emphasis on it that we let other things slip.

For example, your character, how you treat others, how you handle situations, controlling your anger, being generous, giving, as opposed to expecting to receive.

I’m in the middle of a situation in my life where things that I valued has slipped away unexpectedly. This goes to show, when you make plans for yourself, these plans can often change when you least expect them to.

You pride yourself on certain things, these things make you feel a sense of worth, but when it gets taken from you, you’re left to yourself. In this moment, you realize and you reflect and you question a lot about yourself.

Personally, I think it’s okay to have a period of time where you are upset. After all, we are all human and it’s normal. However, it becomes deadly to let yourself stay in this phase.

Deadly may seem like an exaggeration, but it can emotionally drain you.

The constant feeling of disappointment and failure. Idle thoughts and moments of weakness that makes you think to yourself… what’s the point?

In this state of mind, patience is hard to maintain. Rather, negativity and bitterness becomes part of the bubble you live in and in most cases, you just want to be alone.

Being alone with these negative thoughts don’t get you anywhere.

Get up and get out there. Surround yourself with people, be honest with them, and don’t hide from your current situation.

The situation you are in is the one you are meant to be in.

However, this does not mean you must remain here. In fact, this is an opportunity to expand your horizons, do something different, or find new ways of getting to where you want to be. It’s a challenge you must accept and the thoughts of disappointment, allow them to flee.

Be good to yourself. Try before you quit.

No, these are not typical and cliche lines.

If you don’t try to change things for yourself, no one will do it for you.

Do it for yourself.


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