Live Well


No matter where we all come from, we all seek contentment.

For some people, contentment revolves around their career, their spouse, their family, or even their goals. However, a common trend is finding a balance amongst each sector of your life. Like anything, concentrating to a great degree on one particular thing usually leaves us feeling lonely in another part of our life.

It’s fascinating

We live in a HUGE world and the majority of us spend our lives in one city, one state, one country. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to find a comfortable spot to settle in. A place where you can practically shut your eyes and have your hands guide the steering wheel to your car to your go-to coffee place, whatever your go-to place is. If you’re one of “those people”, don’t you ever feel like you’re living a routine? Like you’re burying yourself in a rut?

Change things.

Why not? Honestly, ask yourself when you feel stuck at any part of your life, why not? Why not travel for a few months? Why not take that job in another city? Once you’ve figured out “why not”, then decide, what can you do to change it?

Life is about change.

It’s about learning and growing and evolving. You aren’t supposed to be the same person you were yesterday. Your vision should change, your outlook should extend limits. You should embrace the beautiful cultures that lurk this large planet earth.

Discover new people, new places, and a newfound perspective- and if you’re hesitant, well ask yourself… why not?


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